How to Fix a Sinking Desk Chair Tutorial

How to fix a dinking chair

How to fix a dinking chair


Good-designed office desk chairs are intended to last long time. But, as strong as they may be, they may get broken , which makes them uneasy, and even dangerous. In this tutorial we will learn How to Fix a Sinking Desk Chair.

Would you feel as if you’re sinking if you sit on your desk seat? This means one thing. Chairs that have faulty adjustable cylinders have this as a frequent feature.

You see, your chair employs a piston-pneumatic cylinder. This piston-pneumatic cylinder controls the seat height through its pressurized air functioning. Most cylinders work very well when the chair is relatively new.

Of course, this age will be contingent on the quality of the chair itself. Regardless, the most important thing is that the cylinder will need repair sooner or later.

Most desk-chair cylinders fail due to faulty seals. They eventually become too faulty to maintain the necessary pressure. As such, you require a remedy to restore their functionality. One way you may go about this would be to look for a fresh replacement.

But obtaining a new replacement can be pricey. Sometimes, it is as precious as buying a new chair. Therefore, the best alternative is to repair the broken seat. It is possible to hire somebody to do this. Again, this has some monetary consequences, and you should resort to it in case you do not have the DIY understanding of pneumatic seat restoration.

This article will equip you with step-by-step methods on how best to fix this problem. Before we delve into that, let us look at what goes wrong when your gas lift seat is not rising as anticipated.

If the office desk chair acts abnormally whenever you sit or put off the seat, it might be due to a number of explanations. You need to understand them so that you can understand how to cope with them.

The first problem might be a poorly corrected pneumatic cylinder. Therefore, you need to adjust it to its proper elevation. To do so, locate the lever under the chair. You should find it just around the ideal front corner when you are seated on the chair.

As soon as you have found the handle, pull it up so that it touches the base of the chair.Take a seat on the chair to force ot down. When you achieve the seat height you deem appropriate, give up the lever handle. The seat will remain at this height.

If you’d like to lift the seat a little more, unseat to remove weight from the seat. Subsequently, press release handle. This action will automatically raise the chair. Release the handle once you achieve the weight you would like.

The next problem has to do with all the fixing valve. If it’s chairs, it neglects to modulate airflow. As such, air gets to the cylinder, which makes the spring act erratically.

To solve this anomaly, you need to begin with flipping the seat upside down. These are known to prevent the valve from sealing the air hole completely.

If the issue doesn’t have anything to do with all the blocked vent hole, you might want to consider obtaining a refund under the purchase warranty.

The next problem is that the common one in desk chairs. It entails a faulty/broken piston. Since this is the biggest cause of desk chair problems, we are going to give it a more comprehensive approach. This will give you all the DIY knowledge you want to address the issue.

It is possible to use two strategies to fix the chair. The first method is with the PVC-pipe, and the next is with a hose clip.

Let us take a look at each of them in details.


Everything You Have to To do Fix A Broken Desk Chair

You require the following things to have:

PP (Polypropylene) water heater — appropriate for the best chair height
Small zip ties

You need the following tools:

A regular/rubber head hammer — wrap it in close to prevent damaging the seat during fix
A tape measure — to measure the duration of the tube that you want to decrease
A proper cutting tool — for cutting on the water pipe
A key/socket/screwdriver — for eliminating the screws

How To Repair The Chair With Pvc Pipe

The 1st Step:

Start by measuring the canister of your seat. This will give you an notion of the size of PP pipe you need.
Ensure that you get the metallic cylinder in order to get the right measurements.
Remember, you want to find this dimension while the chair is at the position of the height you need
It’s wise that you try get the edge of the piston. You dont want seeing at a PP pipe simply to learn later that it is too broad or too narrow!

Once you’ve the ideal dimensions, you can now purchase the water heater. The pipe should not be either bigger or smaller than the width of the cylinder. Rememberthat’ll put it over the cylinder itself.

Don’t by the specific length of the pipe you need. Once you initiate the work, you may desire to do a few alterations. Therefore, it may become necessary for you to just cut your pipe further than you had initially had a plan.

At this time you may begin the real work of fixing your pc desk chair. To do it, simply follow this process:

The 2nd Step:

Make certain that you’re at the perfect protective gear.

The pipe includes some harmful particles which are released if you reduce it.

Use your cutting tool to saw the PP pipe along its span.

Make sure that you’ve secured it nicely as you do the cutting.

This helps to prevent accidents as possible work.
Once, you are finished, you ought to have a pipe with a long slit.

Once you accomplish the above process successfully, get prepared to match the PP pipe to the cylinder. Here’s how to go about this:

The 3rd Step:

Expose the alloy canister by correcting the plastic skirt as is proper
Position the slit side of the PP pipe against the canister
Push the tube so that it matches around the cylinder
If the pipe is correctly in place, It Is Going to hold the seat from slipping down if you sit

Now, just like repairs, something may fail to function in accordance with plan. If you discover that the chair remains too low after snapping from the PP pipe, you may need to make some alterations. All you will need is to raise the chair to the height you would like. On to the newly exposed part of this cylinder, snap another bit of pipe.

There, your chair is like new!

How To Repair The Chair Using A Hose Clamp

This second choice involves five easy steps that you can accomplish from the comfort of your property.

 1: Expose the cylinder.

This entails removing its plastic skirt so that you can take the circumference of the cylinder.

If the plastic skirt remains in the way, you might need to remove all of it. Put the chair on its back; remove the wheels, and then the skirt. This should give you more room to operate.

2:Boost the chair to the height you would like

.As such, you will not have the ability to change the elevation following repair.

This usually means that you will need to get this step right. Ensure that the height you sit on is comfortable enough even when you’ll be sitting for extended periods.

3: Wrap the clamp around the cylinder

Loosen the hose clamp so that you can wrap it around the metal cylinder.

Make sure that the clamp fits nicely before you tighten. Once you’re sure about its location, tighten it as much as possible round the cylinder. Bear in mind, the tighter it is, the greater are the outcome

Should you tightened the clamp well, it’ll be powerful enough to hold the seat in place. As I indicated earlier, the height you choose will be much more or less permanent. To make additional adjustments, you’ll need to re-do the whole procedure all over.

Final Words

To get the best results, be very keen on the instructions. If you are a fan of DIY projects, you are able to keep a useful kit nearby. In this manner , you will not experience much probelems when you start to repair sinking desk chair. This is going to allow you to conserve your surroundings (re-using resources. Also, it will let you keep on using that office seat which you are fond of so much

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